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Clan Rules
  1. Selfishness and rudeness will not be tolerated in this clan.  Patience is a must in this clan, please be aware that the clan chiefs might not be able to help you imediately as they have other duties.
  2. Stay away from trouble as much as possible so you can avoid accidently starting clan wars.
  3. Looting outside of choas zones, and kill stealing is not allowed.
  4. MadMoney is a warring clan not a pking clan, so pking players for no reason is frowned upon.  Although if you are attacked by someone, feel free to finish the fight.  Request help from clanmates and allies if being picked on.  Please post logs of all pvp fights in the forum for our clan leaders are aware of the situation. 
  5. Hunt for ingredients for making returners during your free time. We have to work as a team, and our chiefs and leaders cant do all this without members help. Do your part so you can use our clan returners in time of needs.
  6. Essences are availible from the bar, but we request a reasonable donation to the clan bank when taken.
  7. Gear from the clan bar is free to members.  Members shall return their free gear and weapons if they no longer can use it, or if they leave or get kicked from clan.  Failure to return clan gear shall place you on the clan red list.
  8. Members shall have a good sense of humor cause we do have lots of funny conversations in clan chat.
  9. Please try to watch your language, as we may have younger members in the clan.
  10. Any one wanting to be a lance must be min lvl of 200 and have sworn loyalty to the clan.
  11. Clan members must be active in the game or the clan forum.,Failure to be reasonably active without notifying a clan leader can be terms for expulsion from the clan.
  12. Everything that is mention in clan chat shall remain in clan chat.  Sharing information about redlistings or war tactics is grounds for being kicked from the clan.
  13. Having alts in a non-alliance clan with out pre-approval of clan leaders can be terms for expulsion from the clan & alliance.
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