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Two more items have been added, but are not flawless yet, so read closely:

1. Cursed Water
Cursed Water is supposed to switch Lycantrophy and Porphyria abilities. You can drink it like a pot, however its not activated yet.

2. Road Home
Road Home is a soulbound item that for now is only avaiable for new characters that do the Tutorial. You can use it once every 24 hours to be returned to the star you are born at. It also works between continents. As soon as the new client is avaiable this item will also be avaiable to all other players. You can then get it by clicking "Enter" on a star.

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1. Bosses got access to Stun and Disembowel. Rewards got changed accordingly.
2. Sun and Moon cultist mobiles will now only have 1 religion skill instead of two.
3. Characters not affected by Porphyry/Lycranthropy stages 2-3 can now bandage their wounds with Bandages (Simple for levels 179 and less, Bactericide for levels 359 and less, Elastic for 360+).
4. It will now be possible to set a siege on a territory after failing one in 14 days even if noone else sieged that territory.
5. Character's Suppression effect (from essences) will now be substracted from targets Absorb and Reflect values.
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