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Caravan Mini Event

Darkswords has launched a Caravan mini event in the Desert area. Once an hour or two (or three, who knows) a Caravan starts crossing the desert. It doesnt go very fast, but isnt either too slow. It will not react to people attacking it and will keep moving with its pace. Upon reaching its destination it will simply disappear. If you manage to "kill" or rob it by then, you are in for some good loot.
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Negate Elements

The Negate Elements skill got an active ability (along with the old passive one). When used it will provide a layer able to absorb 5 attack spells before fading off. It cannot be used with Iron Skin (they will replace each other). The Negate Elements active ability can only be used on self. Please note, that the protective layers will not be removed if the attack spells miss the character affected by Negate Elements (the spells will be absorbed, however). The recipe for the potion with similar effect has been added to the Ruby Miners village Scribe Shop.
* Negate Elements layers on your opponent will be fully removed upon successfully hitting (not missing) them with Firewind, Frostbolt or Lightning bolt spell, however the damage for this spell will be lowered (i.e. divided by AmountOfLayers+1).
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