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The following abilities will be available to the characters:
-- Human: Immunity, an ability that protects the user from negative effects, like Frozen, Shocked, Stun, Open Wounds etc.
-- Elves: Shadowdance, doubles Armor Class;
-- Orcs: Rampage, adds weapon damage to every physical hit dealt (similar to Knockdown effect), doubles physical damage when the target is under effects of Disembowel;
-- Drow: Manashield, an ability that will count mana as health for purposes of determining damage when getting hit, with the factor of 3 damage to 1 mana (this negates effects of Layered Defense);
-- Dwarves: Mountain King, which has 5 layers of invulnerability to both spells cast and hits dealt to the character.

This abilities have 30 second duration and 180 seconds of cooldown.

Trigger: Racial is also available from Magic window and will toggle the activation of the abilities (if available) upon entering combat. Trigger cannot be activated/disactivated while ... Read more »

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